Twitter Updates for 2012-06-21

  • This #BreakingBad meth lab LEGO set is unsuitable for children (but is awesome): #
  • Physics Community Afire With Rumors of Higgs Boson Discovery ME: NERRRDDDSSS!!!! #
  • Link: Feature-length Ray Bradbury documentary in the works #
  • Chicago, I AM IN YOU. #
  • Had a very bad day yesterday. Did some writing about it on the plane. Much better now. #
  • Sometimes you have to purge the dark energy and anger.
    I do so with writing and words…
    Words that are for no ones consumption except mine. #
  • Don’t worry, I’m not writing some “Manifesto” or anything. It’s more like Charles Foster Kane’s Declaration of Principles. #
  • On the plane I finally read an interview @mfrost11 recommended of Ray Bradbury. Totally lost it towards the end. Big fat tears. #
  • RIP great character actor Richard Lynch #
  • LeVar Burton Re-Launches Reading Rainbow As iPad App #
  • Waiting for a colleague at the Chicago Airport Avis lot. She should have been here 40 minutes ago… and she had no cell phone to call. Joy. #
  • …and she flaked and forgot about me. Wonderful. #
  • Having dinner (finally) at Harry Carey’s Restaurant. Holy cow! #

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Joseph Dickerson is a user experience professional and UX Lead for Microsoft based out of Atlanta, GA. He has implemented processes in user testing, design and ethnographic research and provided design and consulting services for many different projects and organizations.

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