Twitter Updates for 2012-06-21

  • This #BreakingBad meth lab LEGO set is unsuitable for children (but is awesome): #
  • Physics Community Afire With Rumors of Higgs Boson Discovery ME: NERRRDDDSSS!!!! #
  • Link: Feature-length Ray Bradbury documentary in the works #
  • Chicago, I AM IN YOU. #
  • Had a very bad day yesterday. Did some writing about it on the plane. Much better now. #
  • Sometimes you have to purge the dark energy and anger.
    I do so with writing and words…
    Words that are for no ones consumption except mine. #
  • Don’t worry, I’m not writing some “Manifesto” or anything. It’s more like Charles Foster Kane’s Declaration of Principles. #
  • On the plane I finally read an interview @mfrost11 recommended of Ray Bradbury. Totally lost it towards the end. Big fat tears. #
  • RIP great character actor Richard Lynch #
  • LeVar Burton Re-Launches Reading Rainbow As iPad App #
  • Waiting for a colleague at the Chicago Airport Avis lot. She should have been here 40 minutes ago… and she had no cell phone to call. Joy. #
  • …and she flaked and forgot about me. Wonderful. #
  • Having dinner (finally) at Harry Carey’s Restaurant. Holy cow! #

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