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Twitter Updates for 2012-02-15 - Blog of Much Holding

Twitter Updates for 2012-02-15

  • New at josephdickerson.com, The "tender trap" of the iPhone: http://t.co/4mtbXnfo #UX #
  • Michael Bay directing Transformers 4, a "reboot." "And lo, the seventh seal was opened…" http://t.co/k48Gd7FQ #
  • #Mobile Sites vs. Apps: The Coming Strategy Shift from Nielsen http://t.co/R8ljbMlC ME: Good points, especially on cost of ownership. #ux #
  • Just realised I have tweeted about Planet of the Apes on two consecutive days. I'm oscillating between pride and shame over that fact. #
  • Novelty-seeking can be a predictor of well-being http://t.co/hWKMGd2y #
  • Here's a special Valentine's Day card to @mfrost11 and all you fans of The Prisoner: http://t.co/NgKiiL6N #beseeingyou #
  • FYI, my book on #UX Experience Matters, is still absolutely FREE when you get it through the iBooks store! Please RT! #
  • RIP the great comic book artist John Severin http://t.co/dGH9KZsu #
  • All I want for Valentine's Day is to get to 900 followers. Please RT and help. #lonely #
  • The Number Of Mobile Devices Will Exceed World’s Population By 2012 (& Other Shocking Figures) http://t.co/G9piVDx8 #

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Joseph Dickerson is a user experience professional and UX Lead for Microsoft based out of Atlanta, GA. He has implemented processes in user testing, design and ethnographic research and provided design and consulting services for many different projects and organizations.

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