Twitter Updates for 2012-02-14

  • ANZ bank cuts 1000 jobs in Australia #
  • Had a very good day organizing and planning projects. Didn't actually DO much, but to quote Spongebob, "I'm READY!" #
  • Lonely stool is lonely. #
  • Great Scott! Mattel announces officially licensed Hover board prop replica for 2012 ME: This is heavy… #
  • Syncing iTunes libraries between computers… Something that should not be as labor and time intensive as it is. Apple, make this better. #
  • Link: How Big Data From Connected Machines Gets Used #
  • Link: No Longer An Awkward Teenager? Gamification Grows Up #
  • Drum Roll, Please. Apple’s Stock Closes Above $500 #
  • Shameful: Sony raised prices on Whitney Houston’s digital music 30 minutes after her death #

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