Twitter Updates for 2011-10-28

  • Yum… Meat! #
  • Link: The Rules of Effortless Parenting #
  • Link: The most disturbing moments in the blockbuster films of Steven Spielberg #
  • Big sky, Turramurra. #
  • More details on the iPad 3?s 2048×1536 resolution display ME: More pixels means it's betterer. #
  • Steven Spielberg Proud of Fourth 'Indiana Jones' Movie Criticisms, Rejects All Common Sense and Intervention Attempts: #
  • I wonder what music Bobby McFerrin listens to when he's not happy. #
  • Any Abbott & Costello fans with an iPhone 3GS out there? Ask Siri "Who's on first?" and smile. #mobile #
  • "No one.. Makes fun of Tim Allen… On my watch." Johnny Depp and Ricky Gervais FTW. #
  • Just realized I don't remember the last conversation I had with my dad before he pushed us all away and, later, died.
    This pains me. A lot. #
  • Stephen King’s The Dark Tower to become a HBO series #

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