What movies do people enjoy watching over and over, and why?

A purely subjective list, obviously… here’s mine.

Singin’ in The Rain – The best musical, ever. It is pure happiness in cinematic form. It’ll cure what ails you!

The Godfather – The best movie, ever. It’s flawless.

Citizen Kane – The second-best movie, ever (sorry, Orson, but Francis wins!). It’s a complete film school in a box.

Star Wars – The original and the best (and no. it’s not “Episode IV: A New Hope” – when it came out it was just Star Wars).

ALIEN – The best “haunted house in space” movie ever made. Scary as hell.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – The best Star Trek movie, ever. And a damn good movie as well.

Scrooge (the 70s musical) – A personal favorite, and one of the best holiday movies ever. And (in my opinion) the best adaptation of A Christmas Carol, ever.

A Christmas Story – “Fra-ge-lay! Must be French!” One of the most quotable and funny holiday movies ever.

Raiders of the Lost Ark – A fantastic film, and I can’t count the times I’ve watched it. Just great fun.

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