Twitter Updates for 2011-09-10

  • Sydney, dusk. #
  • Getting my drink on in the typical Friday night fashion. No pub crawl tonight, though. I'm trying to pace myself… In life, that is. #
  • 8 Star Trek Gadgets That Are No Longer Fiction #
  • 6 Things the Film Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About ME: The creative accounting is especially vile. #
  • The Evolution of 'Star Trek' (Infographic) #
  • A secret to success: do less, listen more. #
  • Considered writing about 9/11 this weekend. Thought better of it. I have little to add to the discussion, and I don't like to dwell. #
  • #Followfriday @adbroad because she can fry a grilled cheese sandwich you'd stab your neighbor over. #
  • #followfriday @mfrost11 because the evil men do lives after them while the good is oft interred with their bones. #
  • Five stages of Star Wars revisionism fan grief #
  • Just picked up some blurays – American Werewolf in London and Life of Brian. Movie night! #
  • FiLMiC Pro is an amazing iPhone video app #mobile #
  • Some great hints on disaster readiness: #
  • Just read that the Rocketeer blu-ray will be the movie only, no special features. Darn. @dvdgeeks, you should offer to do some. I'd pay you. #

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