Twitter Updates for 2011-07-28

  • 'WALKING DEAD' SHOCKER: Frank Darabont Steps Down As Showrunner ME: Wow. Methinks "creative differences". #
  • The iPad's incredible effect on the PC industry is only beginning #
  • I'm off to collect my pants. #
  • In an alternate reality, William Castle is a revered director of suspense & Hitchcock is seen as a cheap "shock" director. #
  • Corrected a wikipedia entry about a soap opera character. I feel so proud. #
  • The way FX rates are going I soon have to make a tough decision: buy a soda here in Sydney, or put that money aside to buy a car in the US. #
  • Glen Mazzara To Succeed Frank Darabont As 'Walking Dead' Showrunner via @zite #
  • Win a chance to appear In Doctor Who… Kinda. via @zite #
  • Lots of design meetings today. #UX #

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Joseph Dickerson is a user experience professional and UX Lead for Microsoft based out of Atlanta, GA. He has implemented processes in user testing, design and ethnographic research and provided design and consulting services for many different projects and organizations.

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