Twitter Updates for 2011-07-28

  • 'WALKING DEAD' SHOCKER: Frank Darabont Steps Down As Showrunner ME: Wow. Methinks "creative differences". #
  • The iPad's incredible effect on the PC industry is only beginning #
  • I'm off to collect my pants. #
  • In an alternate reality, William Castle is a revered director of suspense & Hitchcock is seen as a cheap "shock" director. #
  • Corrected a wikipedia entry about a soap opera character. I feel so proud. #
  • The way FX rates are going I soon have to make a tough decision: buy a soda here in Sydney, or put that money aside to buy a car in the US. #
  • Glen Mazzara To Succeed Frank Darabont As 'Walking Dead' Showrunner via @zite #
  • Win a chance to appear In Doctor Who… Kinda. via @zite #
  • Lots of design meetings today. #UX #

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