Twitter Updates for 2011-07-26

  • I like my new avatar. #futurama #
  • Wrote first draft of my introduction to an ebook on/Revisiting The Prisoner during lunch. Now to write the rest of it… #
  • Waiting for the train. @ Milsons Point Station #
  • Listening to the TRON Legacy Reconfigured remix album. Feel like I'm at a rave, looking to score some ecstasy. #
  • Before I go to bed, I've uploaded old photos of high geekery (mostly Star Trek) to my flickr feed. Enjoy! #
  • Link: Boost Your Productivity: Cripple Your Technology [Distraction] #
  • Link: Spotify Launching in the US Tomorrow Morning, Get Your iPods Ready [In Brief] #
  • A fellow UXer is trying the Galaxy Tab in place of his iPhone. I told him that's like swimming through a sewer to confirm his pool is nice. #
  • Apple Releases a Supplemental Update to Mac OS X 10.6.8 to Remedy Lion Upgrade and Migration Issues #

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