My crazy Doctor Who theory: Forget River Song, what about Susan?

This post discusses the mid season finale of Doctor Who that just aired in the US. If you haven’t seen it yet, go away and stop reading because this article contains SPOILERS from that episode, specifically regarding the true identity of River Song.

Seriously, don’t get spoiled, guys.

OK if you are still here you obviously want to be spoiled or watched the episode, so here goes: in A Good Man Goes to War it was revealed that River Song is actually Melody Pond, Rory and Amy’s daughter, AND is also a Time Lord (because she was conceived inside the TARDIS) AND is also the little girl from the first two episodes of the season. In the episode the Doctor rolls out a crib that, when asked, he claims was his.

The Doctor is right – but its not JUST his crib. It is also River/Melody’s, and I think it will also be the one used by his daughter. The one he had/will have with River. The daughter that eventually becomes the mother of Susan, The Doctor’s grandaughter we saw in the very first episode of Doctor Who.

Heres the clues: when the Doctor is told to look at the inscriptions on the crib’s side, I think he realizes more than just Melody is actually River: The crib is telepathic, and I think it not only details who the inhabitant is but also (using Time Lord technology) the inhabitant’s FAMILY LINE. Which would say something like “River, daughter of Amy, wife of The Doctor, mother of NAME OF DOCTOR’S DAUGHTER, grandmother of Susan, etc….”

Now, The Doctor knows what he has to do. He has to get/produce his daughter. The Doctor can’t return River as a baby back to Amy (because her timeline is fixed and he’s crossed it too many times), but maybe he can do the next best thing. He can give Amy and Rory his daughter (and their granddaughter) to take care of. And then, at the right time, he can go back to the beginning, back to meet HIMSELF. Not just an earlier version, but his first incarnation… to give himself his child’s daughter, Susan, to take care of. It’s a heck of a way to explain who Susan is… and it would be a great way to end the last season before the show’s 50th Anniversary.

Wibbly wobbly timey wimey, indeed…

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