Twitter Updates for 2011-04-15

  • Drinking a hot concoction called "ginger drink." It is very gingery. It's putting hair on my eyeballs. #
  • Out too late and drinking WAAY to much to celebrate the birthday of @mull_against. Happy birthday, you glorious bastard! I love you man! #
  • I am a geek in a happy place right now, knowing that "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" is coming out this August. Teaser: #
  • SOOO happy it's Friday. #
  • Had fun last night with friends making fun of wine snobbery: "it's very earthy" "It has some subtle aspects." Please. #
  • @Televixen Sorry for the teaser. #spoilers in reply to Televixen #
  • I'm going to start using wanker wine lines when I drink anything. Diet Coke: "Mmm. You can really taste the carcinogens…" #
  • Social and Mobile: #
  • @jburger "Hmm… this Nescafe freeze dried coffee has a tangy piquant aroma." in reply to jburger #

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