Is the price of the new Macbook Air 13″ really worth it vs. another laptop (non Apple) with a better processor and RAM but no SSD at a similar price?

As a advocate of Apple products my immediate reaction is to say “yes…” but I think that the answer really depends. If you are new to Macs then maybe the 11″ MacBook or MacBook Air could be a better choice. It’s cheaper, it provides a solid value, and Apple provides the best support I’ve ever seen from a computer company (both hardware and free training for new users).

But… If you are looking for a comparison between the 13″ Air and a comparable computer… I’d say that the Air is superior in the “intangibles” like weight, performance, usability and support to a Windows laptop with the same cost. When it comes to the “tangibles” (specs like hard drive space, processing power, video card) then you can get more from Windows. What’s importantly you? If you can’t compromise and the “tangible” hardware specs are more important to you then you may prefer a Windows laptop.

To me, the Air has all the former aspects and provides a better experience – hardware specifications aren’t as important to me as a quality experience.

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