Twitter Updates for 2011-02-21

  • @startrekjunkie If I won the lottery? I'd move to Australia. in reply to startrekjunkie #
  • Stayed up WAY too late last night reading and answering questions on Quora. It's Angry Birds for pretentious intellectual types… Like me! #
  • @startrekjunkie Yeah… Maybe. With regular trips back to the US, of course. in reply to startrekjunkie #
  • The Terminator is on TV. Rewatching it I note two things: the movie is much more dated than I remember. And Linda Hamilton is not very good. #
  • Just realized that the original Halloween and The Terminator would make a great double feature – They have a LOT in common. #
  • Since I'm "back" on myspace (it's syncing twitter updates as my status) I've gotten 5 spam/porn emails from there in 1 day. Thanks, myspace! #
  • Finally got around to buying WP-Touch Pro for Now, looking at my blog on an ipad it looks like a native app. Very neat. #
  • Apple in the Sky with Diamonds: A Cloud Based Safe Deposit Box #apple #ux #
  • Apple patent shows new "smart bezel" for tablets #
  • Just saw, for the first time ever, the trailer for Twilight: Eclipse. Ugh. I am so glad I have sons, and my wife is in to True Blood… #
  • Finally getting around to watching Up in the Air. Interesting. #
  • OK, submitted my panel ideas to #uxaustralia Hopeful, but realistic. #UX #
  • @emilia9 Well… She likes it, and if it makes her happy I'm happy. in reply to emilia9 #
  • Apple to announce new high-speed connector for Macs, report claims #

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