Twitter Updates for 2010-07-19

  • Looking at project schedules and timelines. The beer helps. #
  • @corinamackay You should totally get to the US. I hear it's nice. in reply to corinamackay #
  • @KRCompanion Have never been to a #SDCC REALLY want to. Have gone to numerous #dragoncon and #sxsw in addition to the Vegas Trek Con #geek in reply to KRCompanion #
  • Holy cow, I hate project plans. Especially the one I'm looking at this very instant. #
  • Quicken Online Users Saw The Bait, Took The Switch To, And Are Left With Nothing #
  • Just had a (rare) dessert. Sugar. Rush. Will stop vibrating around 9 AM tomorrow. #
  • Peter Cetera. Power of Love. THIS is why I watch music video channels while I'm in Sydney. HIGH CHEESE. #
  • Slept like a rock last night. Need it. #
  • Slept like a rock last night. Needed it. #

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