VIDEO: Star Trek – The Adventure, at Universal Studios, circa 1994…

The other day I watched, with some amusement, the re-broadcast on the Biography Channel of the Star Trek 25th Anniversary special. It was chock-full of 1991 goodness – LOOK! Cell phones, as big as kids’ size 10 shoes, that look like communicators! WOW! LeVar Burton at Space Camp! HOLY COW! It’s Dan Quayle!

What I was the most interested in, besides seeing Mike Okuda do all those LCARS screens on his ancient Mac, was footage of (and a segment on) the Star Trek Adventure attraction. Paramount had partnered with Universal Studios at the time to provide an interactive “experience” in the world of Trek. It allowed park guests to play the roles of trainees on the Enterprise, giving them the chance to “act” with the cast of the original series (besides Shatner and Nimoy, who were there to give acting lessons, such as they were). Well, I’ve scoured the Internet and can’t find much about it…. except this.

As with all attraction of this type, the guests had a chance to buy a video of their “adventure.” Someone took the time to digitize and upload their old tape of one such video. Here it is, and please, be kind… They aren’t professional actors.