Geez, EVEN MORE G.I.Joe related news…

Well, with less than three weeks away from New York’s Toy Fair (where retailers get a chance to look at the new merchandise that the manufacturers offer so they can place advance orders) news is beginning to leak out about various licenses and product lines. Last week Playmates, makers of Star Trek toys throughout the 1990s, announced that they have re-aquired the license, for the new Star Trek movie… which is cool enough, BUT not what this post is about…

Sideshow Toys, makers of super-high quality 1/6 scale action figures (which is the scale I collect) announced on thier site Sunday they will be making G.I.Joe products. Very little details as they announced it in a “superbowl ad” – video here.

Sigh. And here I am, trying to save money. Oh well. I wonder what cat food tastes like…

UPDATE: Reax from the 12″ collectors here.

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