iMovie ’08 only for newer Macs… or is it?

One of the things that has annoyed some Apple fans recently has been Apple’s high system requirements for the new iMovie 08 (which I reviewed over the weekend). Want to use the newest, easiest-to-use video editor ever made with your old G4 Powerbook or iMac? Sorry, the installer won’t let you even put it on your hard drive. Man, that super-cool skimming feature must really eat up a lot of processing power and graphic cycles, right? I mean, for pete’s sake, the $1000 Final Cut Studio can run on G4s! That iMovie must be really cutting edge!

Well, not exactly. Someone has posted instructions on how to change two files from the install disk to allow you to install iMovie ’08 on your old power pc-based Macs. It ain’t easy but guess what? I did it, it works flawlessly and the only noticable performance impact is the render time is slower on the older Powerbook than my newer iMac.


Apple wouldn’t be using this new cool video editing tool as a lure to get people to buy new Mac computers, would they? Nah, that’s not the warm and friendly Apple we all love… Right?

At any rate, the instructions are here.