MASSIVE Lost finale spoiler – read at your own risk.

The site Aint it Cool News got a lot of readers ticked off yesterday. They posted an article that referred to a detailed spoiler report from a “spy” they received on the season finale of Lost, but did not actually post the spoilers. AICN “made its bones” by spoiling movies and TV shows and that’s what many users (including myself) go there for. The talkbackers called their non-posting (and subsequent talkback edits) a “cop-out” (and far worse – lots of potty-mouths there).

Well, information yearns to be free, and this blog claims to have the spoilers for Lost that AICN referred to (and have been deleting from message threads). If true the finale is TRULY a “game-changer” and I completely understand why Drew (Moriarty on AICN) would not want this out. If these spoilers are true the producers are truly taking the show in a brand new direction next year, and if I were them I’d want to keep the secret as long as possible.

So, that being said, DO NOT READ the spoilers unless you just can’t wait. And, let me tell ya – like when I read Galactica spoilers for that shows season-ender a couple of months back, I regret it now. You probably will too.